When I become a mother, I will act like one.
No parties and late nights out with my friends. 
No spending the last few dollars I have to my name on a beer that I “need,” when I have two kids at home that I support.
No having to mooch off of others just to get by.
No favoring and spoiling one child over the other, just because I’m trying to win back that child’s love.
No leaving it up to my children to come and pick me up at 3am because I’m too drunk to drive home.
No dying my hair wild colors because I want to be “crazy” with my 13 year old.

It’s sad that I’m using you as everything I do not want to do or be as a mother.

I think becoming a parent should be a maturing experience. No matter what your age is when you start having children, I believe it is your responsibility to grow up. I know you were seventeen when you started having kids, but that’s no one’s fault but yours. It was your decision to start your adult life early. Just because your children are somewhat old enough to care for themselves, it gives you no right to act like you’re seventeen again.

I know I complain about her a lot, but I cannot stand my boyfriend’s mother.

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